Charming Thimble Exhibition

25.1.- 9.6.2024

This exhibition presents thimbles from a private collection. The collection began with a tenth birthday gift to the collector's wife. She was a war child in Sweden and received the gift from her foster parents. At that time, girls were taught to sew around the age of ten.

The thimble is a very practical tool and has a long history. Its shape has primarily been influenced by how it is used. The shape has remained quite similar for centuries. A precious metal thimble is a luxury item. They were used by the wealthiest people, nobles, and bourgeoisie.

Due to its shape, the thimble has also been used as a liquor measure, known as a "fingerpori." As a measure, it has been unreliable because thimbles come in different sizes.

The exhibition is on display from January 25 to June 9, 2024.