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Data protection statement


Suomen kello- ja korumuseo Kruunu (0728657-4)
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Person responsible for data protection matters and/or contact person


The name of the register

Suomen kello- ja korumuseo Kruunu customer and marketing register

Personal data to be collected

We collect personal data necessary to manage the customer relationship, such as the customer's name and contact information and service user data. We collect personal data from the registrant himself as well as from other publicly available registers maintained by the authority and from other external sources, such as the trade register or other similar public business register. In addition, we collect the information of those who fill out the contact forms and use them for the purposes mentioned above related to maintaining the customer relationship.

Purpose of use of the personal register and basis for processing

Personal data is processed within the limits allowed by the current legislation for testing the online service, managing the customer relationship, and providing information and advice about the services. We may use data of the data subject to collect user statistics and analyze them. Collected information is also used for marketing communications. The processing of personal data for marketing communications is based on the consent given by the person using the contact form. Direct marketing is stopped at the customer's request. The person can withdraw their consent at any time by notifying the contact person mentioned above. The processing of personal data may be necessary to implement the legitimate interests of the customer relationship between the Company and the data subject. The company has a legitimate interest in processing personal data in marketing, service and customer analyzes and service testing. Marketing purposes may also involve profiling. The registered person then has the right to object to the processing of personal data.

Personal data processors

Only persons responsible for customer relationship management and marketing have access to personal data.

Disclosure of information

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, nor will it be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, unless it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service. In possible situations of data transfer and transfer, the level of data protection required by data protection legislation and other necessary security measures will be observed.


We use cookies and other similar technologies on our site. A cookie is a small text file that the browser saves on the user's terminal device. Cookies contain an anonymous, unique identifier that allows us to identify and count the different browsers that visit our site. The purpose of using cookies and other similar technologies is to analyze and further develop our services to better serve users and to target advertising. The user can prevent the use of cookies or delete cookies from the browser settings.

Registry protection

We protect personal data with appropriate technical and organizational methods. The data is collected in databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical data security measures. The databases and their backups are located in locked and guarded premises and only certain, pre-designated persons can access the data.

Retention period and disposal of personal data

Personal data is stored as long as it is needed for the purpose for which it was collected and processed, or for the execution of the contract, or as long as the law and regulations so require. After this, the personal data will be destroyed appropriately.

Rights of the registrant

The registered person has the following rights:

  1. Upon request, the registrant has access to his personal data within the limits allowed by trade secrets and internal assessments. The inspection request must be sent to the aforementioned contact person in writing and signed, and the person must identify themselves in a reliable way.
  2. The registered person can request correction of the data if the data is incomplete or incorrect.
  3. The data subject can request the deletion of data when there is no reason for their processing as referred to in the data protection legislation and independent of the data subject's consent.
  4. The data subject has the right to limit the processing of personal data, if the correctness or legality of the data so requires, or in accordance with the right to object, the data subject requests to limit the processing of personal data only to data storage.
  5. The registered person has the right to object to the processing of data for direct marketing purposes based on the Company's legitimate interest.
  6. The registered person can request the data to be transferred to another controller, if it is safe and technically possible.
  7. The registered person must send requests regarding their rights in writing or by e-mail with the following contact information:

Suomen kello- ja korumuseo Kruunu
Inspection/other request for personal data

The company will respond to requests within 1 month of making the request, unless there are special reasons to extend the response time.