Whose hands has a watch or jewelry piece originated from?

What techniques were used, and what does the history of the object tell us? Our object identification service seeks to answer these and other questions.

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Object Identification Unveils the Background of Your Watch or Jewelry

Object identification is also an important part of enriching the knowledge of Finnish watch and jewelry culture.

Would you like to learn about your old watch? We offer an object identification service where we research the history and manufacturing methods of the watch. It may be possible to determine the manufacturer, age, techniques used, and materials of the watch. Unfortunately, we cannot provide valuations for commercial values of watches and jewelry.

The object identification service typically requires about one month of research time, and the customer receives the results in written form. The cost of the object identification service is €180 (incl. VAT 24%).

If you want to utilize object identification, please contact our museum master, with whom the service must be arranged in advance: Rami Laitinen, rami.laitinen@kellojakorumuseo.fi, tel. 050 550 3353

The results of the research can be used, for example, as an insurance certificate. At Kruunu, object identification is an important part of the research and data collection related to Finnish watchmaking, watchmakers, and watch culture.