Our guide opens the door to the fascinating world of watches and jewelry

Young museum visitors embark on an exciting journey as a watchmaker's apprentice at Kruunu! Older visitors follow the footsteps of time from the past to the present, where watches, calendars, and the concept of time have shaped our lives as they are today.

A guided tour is an insightful way to explore the museum's exhibitions on a deeper level. The tours are designed for different age groups from kindergartens to schoolchildren and adults. Tours can also be customized according to the group's wishes, and an exhibition-inspired workshop can be arranged alongside.

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Kruunu also organizes public guided tours that do not require a reservation. See tour times(In finnish) »

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Museum Kruunu's Tours

Guided Tours for Kindergartens and Schools

In the Footsteps of an Apprentice

"In the Footsteps of a Journeyman" is a narrative-guided tour for children from preschool to 2nd grade. During the tour, we help Matti to identify various clocks that he must learn before becoming a watchmaker. We explore how a sundial works and peek inside a pocket watch. We wonder what a magnifying glass is and why a watchmaker needs tweezers.

Join the journey, let's help Matti together!

The duration of the guided tour is about 45 minutes.

Ask more: info@kellojakorumuseo.fi.

Guided Tours for Upper Schools and High Schools

From Sun to Atom

What is time, really? What would the world be like without clocks? This tour travels through the fascinating history of time measurement and hears how the development of natural sciences has made clocks increasingly precise, simultaneously influencing societal development and people’s lives.

The duration of the guided tour is about 45 minutes.

Ask more: info@kellojakorumuseo.fi.

Guided Tours for Adult Groups

Adult groups can also book guided tours. During the tour, visitors can explore all watch and jewelry exhibitions or focus on a single exhibition theme according to the group's preferences.

We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities for guided tours, please feel free to contact us! You can also come for public tours that do not require prior registration – read more in the Current Events section (in finnish).

Information about Guided Tours

  • Guided tours are organized for kindergarten and school groups from Tuesday to Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM, and for adult groups from Tuesday to Sunday within museum opening hours.
  • Reservations for guided tours must be made at least two weeks before the desired date.
  • Guided tours are available in Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • Prices for guided tours for adult groups: Tue–Fri 80 € (incl. VAT 24%) + museum admission fees, Sat–Sun 120 € (incl. VAT 24%) + museum admission fees – each participant in the tour needs their own admission ticket. The maximum size for an adult group is 20 people.

Reservations and more information: Ida-Lina Brinkas, tel. 050 553 9299 (within museum opening hours) or info@kellojakorumuseo.fi.

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