Jewelry Art in Frames

17.1.2024 – 26.5.2024

Nelli Tanner 2012

Helena Lehtinen 2015

Inni Pärnänen 2017

Matti Mattson 2020

The Jewelry Art in Frames exhibition is the first collaborative exhibition organized by the Jewelry Art Association and Museum Kruunu. The exhibition has gathered together the Year's Jewelry Artists selected by the Jewelry Art Association over the years: Nelli Tanner (2012), Helena Lehtinen (2015), Inni Pärnänen (2017), and Matti Mattson (2020). The artists represent different facets of jewelry art, and the exhibition features works characteristic of each artist's style.

The goal of the Jewelry Art Association is to promote contemporary jewelry as art and design in Finland. The association has been actively advancing jewelry art since 2005. To achieve its goals, the association organizes exhibitions, lectures, and discussion events, informs about industry events, and awards distinguished jewelry artists with the Year's Jewelry Artist Award.

The exhibition is open from January 17 to May 26, 2024.

Inni Pärnänen's Pouta jewelry at the Finnish Watch and Jewelry Museum Kruunu and Jewelry Art Association's exhibition Jewelry Art in Frames 2024.