Kruunu: More Than Just a Museum

Kruunu serves in many ways. It takes its visitors on a tour of Finnish watch and jewelry culture. It guides, educates, invites to create and experience. Kruunu is also a place to meet, unwind, and relax. At Kruunu, celebrations are held, meetings convened, and the cafe's offerings enjoyed. Kruunu is for the newcomer, the enthusiast, the curious, and the professional. Kruunu is a place for everyone.

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Group Tours

Guided by an expert, the tour delves deeper into the exhibition than the surface. The guided tours are designed to be understandable, interesting, and insightful for all ages. Both preschool-aged children and adults will find the tour memorable.

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In the workshops, watches and jewelry are taken into your own hands! The workshop is an experience where you step into a watchmaker’s shoes for a moment or craft your own jewelry. We offer ready-made workshops, but the workshops can also be tailored individually for different groups.

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Kruunu’s main exhibitions change every six months, and at any given time, one to four exhibitions are displayed. The exhibitions offer visitors multi-layered experiences of watch and jewelry artifacts, meanings, and history. Work demonstrations related to the themes of the exhibitions are also a fantastic experience.

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Object Identification

Whose hands has a watch or jewelry piece originated from, and what more can be told about its history? Our object identification service unveils the background of your watch or jewelry. While you gain information about your item, we at the museum also collect important data about Finnish watch and jewelry culture.

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Café Hyrrä

Take a moment to indulge at Café Hyrrä. Located within our museum, you can sit down to enjoy homemade sweet and savory treats after your tour. Hyrrä also provides catering for events held in our museum.

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Museum Shop

Kruunu has a museum shop where you can pick up memories and gifts. The shop’s selection includes books, cards, jewelry, and other unique items for both adults and children. You can also buy gift cards for any desired amount.

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