Rush Control! Remote Team Building Day for Staff

Customized staff training remotely, in collaboration with Luotain Consulting and the Finnish Watch Museum, duration 3 hours/session.

In the fun and impactful remote workday organized by Luotain and the Finnish Watch Museum, we pause to examine our own and shared use of time, learn to better identify the most essential tasks, and increase job satisfaction. The Finnish Watch Museum's presentations humorously orient listeners to shake up their own beliefs related to time.

The training provides practical tips for daily work, including planning one's work and managing interruptions. Goal-oriented action and doing the right things at the right time are the foundation of efficiency. There is plenty to do, but do we know how to focus on the tasks that create the most value? The training increases the sense of control over work and reduces work-related stress.

Training Program

The Finnish Watch Museum is a unique museum specialized in the history of watches. The Finnish Watch Museum collects and archives the history of time measurement, Finnish watch culture, archival materials related to watches, and conducts related research activities. The Watch Museum collects stories and meanings related to watches and the concept of time.

The Finnish Watch Museum staff's introduction humorously orients listeners to the concept of time. The concept of time has changed over the centuries, and different cultures relate to time in slightly different ways. A helicopter view of time usage helps to position one's own experience of time usage and may shake some of our beliefs—which may be surprisingly stubborn.

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