Game Session

The playable jewelry "Flower Meadow" is a board game that also serves as a necklace. It acts as a tool for reminiscing, community-building, and interaction. As the game progresses, players either answer questions from the cards that come up or they receive information related to watches and jewelry from information cards.

The game serves as an icebreaker and inspiration for recalling jewelry or watch stories. If the client wishes, a suitcase exhibition can be included, which inspires participants and evokes memories. During the game session, the progression of the game, the joy of playing, and strategizing refresh the participants.

Players not only experience the joy of playing but also well-designed game mechanics and jewelry art, and through reminiscing and socializing, it provides good brain activation.

We use the participatory discussion facilitated by the game and the game's questions as a working method, aiming for strong and respectful presence.

The playable jewelry evokes memories and the desire to share them with others. We record the stories anonymously by writing them down during the game and deliver them to the workshop location afterward. The stories can also be archived in the museum's database.

Up to 4–8 people can play at a time. It is good to allocate about 90 minutes for a game session. The game can be played several times with different participants during the event.

The museum staff can come to play the game at a care facility (ask for a quote) or it can be played at the museum.

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