Con Amore


New master goldsmiths introduce themselves!

The championship has been a dream for many who are now graduating as masters. It is a goal that encompasses the traditions of the profession, the history of one's own business, or personal goals. A master is also a respected professional in their field, capable of making high-quality and durable precious metal products or performing demanding engravings. Craftsmanship is at the core of mastery, "practically the tools are an extension of thought and have grown attached to the master's hands."

The specialized vocational qualification in the precious metal field at the Salpaus Education Center began in February 2022. The work of students who graduated from the special qualification, including engraver and goldsmith masters, is on display at Museum Kruunu from June 5 to September 29, 2024. Masters in the precious metal field have graduated previously in 2010.

The exhibition of the latest engraver and goldsmith masters' masterpieces was named Con Amore. A direct translation from Italian and as a music term, it means "with love". The products made by professionals in the precious metal field are often gifts for moments and celebrations filled with great emotions and love.

On the other hand, professionals in the precious metal field often work "for the love of the craft."

The professionals' love for their field is visible in their continuous development of themselves and their production. The precious metal field involves mastering several specialized techniques: contemplating new materials and metal alloys, using old methods, developing new mechanisms, focusing more on design, or employing new technology.

Robert Tarkkanen's masterwork was on loan to Suzanne Innes-Stubb, the spouse of the President of the Republic, during the President's first official state visit to Sweden.

The masterworks are on display at Kruunu from June 5 to September 29, 2024.

The master goldsmiths and engravers of the exhibition are:

  1. Annika Eklöf, master engraver
  2. Petri Eklöf
  3. Laura Järvelä, master engraver
  4. Ella Jumisko
  5. Petteri Eskola
  6. Niina Mansikkaviita
  7. Tommi Männistö
  8. Ester Nurminen
  9. Pirkka Sivonen
  10. Otto-Emil Lamberg
  11. Ville Maahinen
  12. Robert Tarkkanen
  13. Hanna Korhonen
  14. Heidi Vornanen
  15. Laura Kaikkonen, master engraver